Buyer’s Guide

Jordan Smeaton and his professional team have extensive, combined award-winning experience to put to work for you. Buying a home, especially your first one, is a huge decision in everyone’s life. If you buy smart, your real estate investment will grow and create valuable equity allowing you to sell smart too! In order to help home buyers purchase their dream home, Jordan has developed an innovative and effective Home Buyer Program. Whether you need to buy today or are taking your time to look for that special property, Jordan will let his motivation match yours!

He will walk you through the process so you understand everything that is involved and get you your Dream Home at the right price in the right time! So whether you are a first time home buyer, move up buyer, investment property buyer, acreage or relocation buyer, Jordan and his team will look after your interests!

Step 1

The initial buyer interview where Jordan uncovers your wants and needs, areas that appeal to you (and don’t appeal to you), your budget and Jordan’s process of the purchase, will help you feel comfortable in your new working relationship with him.

Important topics covered will include agency, buyer brokerage, financing, home inspections, real property reports and deposits. Once you’re ready and comfortable with Jordan, it’s time to start shopping!

Step 2

Getting to work, Jordan inputs your wants and needs in the exclusive buyer software system. All properties matching your criteria are immediately sent to your email, where you select the properties you want to view, at your own pace and without pressure. Call Jordan to schedule showings at your convenience, but don’t be surprised if he contacts you to see something now!

Step 3

You’ve found your dream home! Walking you through the steps, completing the purchase contract, addressing any concerns and Jordan’s thorough market evaluation of the property with you, ensures you offer the right price.

Jordan’s innovative Offer to Purchase is structured to save you the most money on your home purchase, while negotiating the purchase contract gives you the advantage of his expertise. As soon as the terms of the Offer are agreed to by you and the Seller, Jordan schedules the home inspector of your choice and delivers documents to your lender and lawyer for removal of your conditions.

Step 4

It’s Moving day! A few hours prior to your taking possession, Jordan arranges for a walk-through and final inspection making sure all is in order before releasing the keys to your Dream Home!

If any issues arise, Jordan is only a phone call away!